Forum Question: Using time machine to do a complete system restore.

A few days ago a security update came thru on my mac book pro, I installed it without paying much attention. I should have.
My airport connection stopped working :-(.
I poked it and I prodded it and even hit it with a stick but could not get the airport to work properly. I could get it so I type in the network name and then the (sigh) 63 character password (cut n paste) but that was the best I could do.
Then today it’s working properly – go figure.
BUT, it raises the question, try as I might, I could find no option in time machine to roll the entire machine back to the day before I did the update.
Is it possible to do system a restore using just time machine or do I need something else?

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    9/25/11 @ 7:48 am

    Usually when you want to do a complete restore it is because you can no longer boot with your drive. So the ability to do that through the Time Machine standard interface won’t help because you can’t get to it.
    The way to do a complete restore is to boot from your original Mac OS X discs, Snow Leopard disc, or the Lion restore partition. The latter involves holding down the Option key when booting to select that partition. And I believe that if your drive is complete new with no restore partition, that you will get special prompts when you boot if you had previous been running Lion (that was what all those EFI Firmware updated were about).

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