Forum Question: Validate feeds of MobileMe?

I am trying to use a feed from one of my MobileMe galleries to create an RSS slideshow on my blog. The feed is:
When I run this through the W3 feed validator it gives me all kinds of errors, and hence won’t work properly with WordPress.
Is there a way of “fixing” a feed so that it is a valid feed? Or am I missing something?
Todd A. Peperkorn

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    12/11/10 @ 3:58 pm

    The RSS is generated by MobileMe. You can’t fix it — Apple must. Have you logged a bog with them about the RSS feed?
    So, you are saying it doesn’t work with WordPress? Just because a feed doesn’t validate, doesn’t mean that it won’t work with one thing or another. I’m not sure what you are doing with it and WordPress, but if you are using a plug-in, perhaps there is another one to try?
    You can always run a feed through Google’s Feedburner site — which may change it enough to get it working with whatever you are doing.

    Todd A. Peperkorn
    12/14/10 @ 12:41 pm

    Good points all. I’m trying to use a plugin called RSSPhoto, and it doesn’t seem to like MobileMe feeds, which have lots of weird code in them that doesn’t follow W3 protocols. I’ll fiddle around with it some more. Thanks.

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