Forum Question: VHS to DVD and DVD to iPod – – 2 questions

Question 1: What do I need (using Snow Leopard) to transfer VHS material to DVD?
Question 2: What do I need to selectively transfer *some, but not all* DVD music videos to an iPod?
John Russell

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    12/19/10 @ 10:14 am

    You need a piece of hardware to take the input from a video tape player and convert it to a digital signal for your Mac. The Pinnacle Video Capture for Mac is one, the Elgato Video Capture for Mac is another. Just follow the directions to convert.
    I would use Handbrake ( to transfer video on a DVD to your Mac. If the videos are on different tracks of the DVD, then you can pick which tracks to convert. Or, just import the whole thing and check each video to throw away the ones you don’t want — thats probably the quickest method.

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