Forum Question: Videos Within iPhoto, How To Move To External Hard Drive?

We have tons of kids videos on our iMac in iPhoto. They are starting to take up a lot of space. How can we select all videos in one batch (they are all located within different events), and move these over to our external hard drive?

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    5/13/12 @ 8:56 am

    Create a smart album. Set that smart album to show all items that are movies (Photo is Movie).
    Then look at that Smart Album. Now you can select the all, then drag and drop all of them from the iPhoto window to a Finder window showing a folder on that external hard drive.
    That might take a while. Confirm that they are all there in the Finder and working OK when you are done.
    Now deleting them from iPhoto is tougher. You can’t just view the Smart Album and drag those items to the Trash — deleting doesn’t work from smart albums since they are links to photos/movies not the items themselves.
    But you can select all, Show Info, and then set a keyword for them all. Like “Old Movies To Be Deleted.”
    Then return to the “Photos” view and sort by Keyword. Now it will group all of the movies together since you gave them all the same keyword. Drag them to the iPhoto Trash and empty it.

      Kevin Durr
      5/13/12 @ 1:22 pm

      I also found that by holding down the option key while right clicking on the files brings up the choice to delete files from a smart album.

        5/13/12 @ 2:05 pm

        Odd. I get the same menu when Control+clicking and Control+Option+Clicking. The Trash icon is there, but you can’t use it in either case.

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