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Hello Gary,

I know its easy to re-purpose movies to view on the iPhone, via iTunes. However, I just purchased a training DVD and it has lots of menu options which are easily selectable when viewing on a normal DVD player. But when I drag and drop the DVD into iTunes in the usual way, iTunes won’t accept it. Is there an easy way to get the DVD contents into iTunes and onto my iPhone. I was hoping to watch the training DVD whilst on the move.

I have a MacBook Pro and a 3G iPhone.


— Colin Sarling

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    9/6/10 @ 9:22 am

    You can’t use iTunes to “import” a DVD — that is restricted because Hollywood doesn’t want you to be able to do that. But you can do it using Handbrake. See episode 135:
    However, Handbrake and programs like it will only give you the video — menu systems from the DVD will be lost. I know of no way to convert a DVD to a format that will give you a menu system — even if you could, there is no App that I know of that would play it for you.

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