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Is there a limit to the number of voiceover clips per project in iMovie 09 ? I think there must be because at around 120 voiceovers my iMovie program freezes with the spinning beachball, and I have to force quit. On reopening I can delete another voiceover clip and then it will allow me one more. If I delete two clips it allows me two more! My total project is below 1gB and below 60 mins – I have made larger iMovie projects before but not with so many voiceovers.
Alan Hickman

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    8/5/11 @ 8:42 am

    I don’t think there is a limit. But at 120 voiceovers and 60 minutes, wow. You’ve got a huge iMovie project going there. Perhaps you are hitting a limit somewhere else — hard drive, memory, etc. Of course it is possible that there is a limit on audio tracks, or tracks in general. But I don’t know of one.
    Maybe try merging some of those voiceovers. You could export using a lossless audio type and then re-import into a new project, detach audio, copy and paste the audio into your original project (after deleting the voiceovers).
    Or, if you have a simple video track then finish the video and use GarageBand to edit the audio, not iMovie. You can easily add voiceovers in GarageBand. Maybe that is a better option for your type of project?
    I’m also surprised that you are trying to use an old version of iMovie. I can understand someone who rarely uses iMovie no upgrading because they don’t realize they can, but why would a power user not upgrade? There are bug fixes in upgrades, so maybe this works better with iMovie 11.

      Alan Hickman
      8/16/11 @ 3:37 pm

      Thanks, Gary. You are right that I should probably already have upgraded to iMovie 11 and will do so. I think your suggestions would all work, but what I have now done is even simpler, to revert to a Time Machine earlier version, and split the project into two parts, which independently work fine.

      Keep up the good work – I really value your site and films.

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