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Want to sync my iPhone to a new PC

I didn’t want to ask this as i know that someone already must have asked this already. its just i need help in it.
A friend of mine bought a new PC. and she wants of course to sync her iphone with it now. but she doesn’t want to lose her data that are in her iphone. mainly text messages, i know that contacts and so on are stored in the pc so she can put them in the new pc, but sms messages are not stored in the pc. can you tell me how can i sync the iphone to the new PC without losing any of the text messages?
from my knowledge of the iPhone i know that backing up the iphone from the original computer and then copying the back up file into the new pc, then restoring the iphone after syncing it with the new pc with the back up file should return everything back to the iphone. is that correct? and if it is possible could there be a video explaining this or a website, or anything. cause i can’t find reliable sources, every place i go to they something different.

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    10 years ago

    I can’t be sure, since I have never tried this (plus I don’t use SMS much). But, I don’t think that syncing your iPhone to another computer will affect SMS messages stored on the phone. You are just talking about syncing music and videos through iTunes, right? I don’t believe that will erase data stored by other apps. But, as I said, I’ve never tried it.
    Why not try it, and see. You can always take the phone and revert back to the backup on the older PC if it doesn’t work.

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