Forum Question: Watermark for photos using my iMac

Gary first off, love the videos you do (your knowledge has helped me tremendously/this is my first Apple iMac ever). My question is does the program Skitch have a way of making a watermark that I can use on all my photos I post on the internet? If not what programs can I get to assist me with this task. Thanks and keep the great/very useful videos coming.

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— Ed Duffy

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    12/26/09 @ 12:27 am

    If you are professional enough that you want to post images on the net and watermark them, then maybe consider “upgrading” from iPhoto to either Aperture or Photoshop (with Adobe Bridge) to manage your photos. You can add watermarks with either one.
    You could do it with Skitch, sure, if you just have a few to do. It would just be a matter of adding some text to the corner of the image and saving it out as a copy. Not very professional, but it could work.

    Ed Duffy
    12/26/09 @ 5:45 am

    Thanks allot Gary. I will give skitch a try!

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