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weird – Apple wireless keyboard problems

I’m having weird – Apple wireless keyboard problems (recently). 
As if some of the modifier keys are stuck (pressed)…  
While I’m typing some time it’s acting up.
Say, I typed “a” some time it shows up “A”, as if shift is pressed.
When I click on something it shows up context menu, as if control is pressed.
Under the described scenario, naturally one will think this is time for new keyboard. So I thought too and bought a new Apple wireless keyboard.
But the problem remains.
And I’ve having same problem with 2 macs, one MacPro that I use at home as well as the iMac that I’m using at work.
Does anyone facing this same problem?
What this problem could be?
Some wrong settings (since, I sync both macs over MobileMe)?
Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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    10 years ago

    Check your System Preferences.
    First, check Keyboard, Keyboard and press the Modifier Keys button. Make sure that looks right.
    Then check Universal Access, Keyboard. This is where I think your problem is. Look at the options there. And Mouse too. I’ll bet you the problem is there.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    8 years ago

    Wireless Keyboard,and Mouse keep loosing connection. The Bluetooth in System Preferences has a Red light,but is showing Green on both Keyboard,and Mouse.
    At the top under the icon of the Bluetooth it says ON? I make sure that the batteries are well charged up all the time. It also says show Bluetooth in the side menu bar,but there is none there Gary.

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