Forum Question: What Are 3 Essential Apps I Should Consider To Keep My Mac Running Right?

I like being proactive about keeping my MAC running well as I travel all the time to foreign countries and without my online resources wonder what the essentials are that I should have along the way.
Michael Calamia

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    1/23/16 @ 6:05 am

    If you are looking just for apps that keep your Mac “running well” then I would say: none. You don’t need any apps for that. Just let OS X run as-is. There are no cleaning apps or maintenance apps needed with El Capitan, or any of the recent versions of OS X.
    But from within OS X, I would say that the key things for me are to utilize iCloud. My travel Mac, a MacBook Pro, has everything stored in iCloud. All of my photos sync to an iCloud Library so when I get home they are all already on my desktop Mac. All of my music is in iTunes Match and Apple Music so I don’t have anything to sync there either. All of my documents are in iCloud Drive.
    In fact, if I were to drop my MacBook into the hotel pool by accident, I could simply pick up another MacBook, sign in to my iCloud account and I’d be set.

    Michael Calamia
    1/23/16 @ 7:08 am

    Thanks Gary. If i had reliable internet access everywhere I travel that is of course the best solution to protect my data. Just wondering if i have a problem with any apps misbehaving or the like if there were any things you would recommend? e.g. Onyx to streamline cleaning and maintaining permissions etc.?

    1/28/16 @ 1:15 pm

    Hi Michael,

    Onyx is great! Been using it for years. AppCleaner is also a good one, not necessarily for maintenance but used when uninstalling programs.

    Kind regards,


    Maury Cralle
    1/28/16 @ 1:34 pm

    A few days ago, I was trying to use an Apple program called MARKUP to draw lines on a picture I was sending via email. It was not functional and I got a senior help desk person on the line from Apple Support. He spent over an hour with me as we worked through the problem eventually fixing it. I LOVE Apple Support. But afterward, he told me that it was a 3rd party software conflict. He said the folks should not use 3rd party “fix your MAC software” because it usually hurts more than it helps.

    Ruth Dailey
    1/28/16 @ 4:44 pm

    I am using Mackeeper, what do you think of it? I’m paying a pretty penny for a yearly license. I’m starting to have issues with the scanning of my system which I think is related to my wifi speed.😰

    2/3/16 @ 8:26 pm

    Ruth: Get rid of MacKeeper. You don’t need it or any app like it.

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