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What Are My Large-file Storage Options for MacBook Air?

I have a MacBookAir with 128GB of flash storage, which I back up to a 2TB Time Capsule, along with my iMac. Currently, my Time Capsule has 1.5TB of space remaining.
I know I can store large files that I don’t need while traveling (like my iPhoto Library and iMovie events) on a separate drive connected to Time Capsule, or even on the Time Capsule itself. But as these are my most cherished files, either solution would leave these files without a back-up, unless I conduct it manually.
Is there a way to store these files on an external drive, and have them automatiCally backed up to time Machine? Is there another way I should consider managing these files, like on my iMac, and still have them available for my Air?
Michael Glavin

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    11 years ago

    Well, as long as they are not on the TC drive, then you can back them up to the TC. I would do an external drive connected to your MacBook Air. This will be much much faster than doing one connected to the TC, which will have to send files over the network. If you are using this for iPhoto, it is pretty much required that you have the drive attached to your MacBook directly, as wifi is too slow for browsing your iPhoto collection comfortably.
    So I would just get an external drive. Hook it to your Air, and then make sure your Air is backing up that drive to the TC as well (it should do so automatically, unless you exclude it).

    Michael Wheless
    11 years ago

    Gary, I use a TC for backup of my MBP. I also use an external drive with Carbon Copy Cloner to backup everything once a week or so, manually. With CCC I have an option to select specific files/applications and also to select a routine backup schedule.

    The files I work with the most are my iPhoto, iMovie and iTunes. These are the files I am concerned the most about losing data.

    Can I attach the external hard drive and schedule a backup of just these media files on a regular basis? I didn't know if that would somehow create a conflict with the TC.

      11 years ago

      I don't see how that would be a conflict. Are you saying you want to make sure that this clone drive isn't backed up in TC? Just just attach it and then add it to the exclusions in the TM preferences.

    Michael Wheless
    11 years ago

    Hi, I discovered it was easier than that (to exclude the external drive from backups). When it is plugged into the USB and shows up on the desktop, the Time Machine Preferences automatically include it as "excluded". I can leave it attached and not worry that TM will copy the backup.

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