Forum Question: What Are Some Advanced Utilities/Protection Apps for Mac?

I’d like something a little more advanced than Disk Utilities for my Mac. I have just updated my Disk Warrior to the Lion version. I’d love to hear if things like TechTools Pro and Drive Genius are worth considering as well. Also, I have heard about products such as ‘Hands Off’ and ‘Little Snitch’ that might be useful for cookies. Any comments or suggestions would be a big help.
Ron Paris

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    11/20/11 @ 7:26 am

    What functions are you looking for, specifically?
    I don’t use any tools like Disk Warrior, TechTool or Little Snitch. I just don’t need any of the functions that they offer. And I’m as much of a power user of Macs as you’ll likely find.
    So what are you looking for, exactly?

      11/20/11 @ 7:35 am

      I have been using CCC to back up my hard drive. I use it as well as Time Machine. Recently, it has told me I have problems with the external hard drive it is backing up to. When I run Disk Utilities, I am told that it cannot do anything for this drive, it has hardware problems and I should remove as much form it as I can. I have done that. It also talks about SMART problems. I have tried to read as much as I can on this but still am not 100% clear on what this means. I wondered if any program could give me some additional information before I take this drive in. In the past, I have been through a song and dance routine with the only Mac shop in town and wanted to be as educated as possible before I had anyone look at the hard drive. I don’t mind paying to get it fixed but figured maybe the cheaper route would be to just replace it.

        11/20/11 @ 7:39 am

        You can read more about SMART here:
        But as far as fixing the external drive, why bother? Drives are so cheap right now. It sounds like you got some use out of this drive and now it is failing. So get a new one and toss that old one.

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