Forum Question: What Are Some Ways To Manage Large Amounts Of Data With MacBooks?

I have a 1TB hard drive on my iMac. I am thinking of selling it and getting a new MacBook Pro, but the limited hard drive space of the new flash drives has me concerned, since even the largest won’t hold my current data. Most of my 830GB of data consists of movies and music in iTunes, video and projects in iMovie, and a huge iPhoto library. Does anyone have any good systems they use to manage large amounts of data with smaller flash drives?
Michael Glavin

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    8/27/12 @ 9:33 pm

    You main option is to have an external drive and off-load some of your data there.
    For instance, you can put your iTunes media on an external — I recommend just turning off the automatic “organize” feature of iTunes and storing some music on an external drive. Actually, a better option now would be to use iTunes Match and not even worry about it.
    As for iMovie projects — do you need them all? Can you archive old projects that you are unlikely to need to edit again?
    As for iPhoto, perhaps archiving some older photos might be an idea too.
    You say you have movies stored in iTunes too? Any reason you need to have those at your fingertips on your MacBook? Perhaps leave them on your iMac and access them via iTunes sharing?

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