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What Are the Best Performance Tricks for Your iMac I7? (2011)

So I have an iMac i7(2,93ghz, 27inch, 8gb ram, 1TB harddrive) and I love it. However I’m a performance guy, I want to use every percent of pure power of my processor, memory, …
I’m a graphic designer so I use it for video/ photo editing, Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator etc. (Heavy stuff!)
I have installed Lion OS X as well and I use Cocktail every week to clean my iMac. I check my HD for errors and repair them every week. I have 90% free of my HD. (got no plug-ins etc)There are no programs that are launched when i start my iMac.
Still, is there a way to boost my i7? To boost my ram? To boost my iMac? Sometimes it takes too long to process something or it freezes while it shouldn’t. Which way can I do to use full power of the processor and the ram? To increase performance?
This is something I want to know ;)

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    11 years ago

    A lot of the performance depends on the app. So if a graphics app isn't taking advantage of the processors or RAM, then there's not much you can do about it. It would be up to the software maker to improve performance.
    You could add more RAM, of course. And also getting a SSD hard drive would boost things, especially if your apps are loading and saving large portions of data all the time.
    Other than that, I would identify places where you thing one of these apps slows down and maybe participate in discussions specific to that app. For instance, an Indesign forum where people discuss getting better performance out of Indesign.

    11 years ago

    Thanks for a quick reply Gary.

    I have been thinking about an SSD hard drive but they are very expensive..
    16 gb ram is an option but isn't 8gb not already enough?

    Searching for some quick ways to boost apps up are an option (like deleting the Indesign.plist or interface delayed etc.)

    I have also find a way to optimize the Mac Mail app by using the terminal.

    Are their any other cheap/ free ways too boost up your iMac by using the terminal or other stuff? Sometimes i just feel my processor feel sluggish..

    Grtz Ian

    11 years ago

    If an i7 feels sluggish, booting and keeing core apps on an SSD will make a difference, but also consider an os that is less resource intensive- linux based.

    11 years ago

    hey Anthony,

    I will buy an ssd when they are cheaper in my country. However I'm not able to run another os because of my colleagues and work. I guess I'll have to do with it for the moment.

    Regards Ian

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