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What Are the Important Steps for Data Security When the iPad Got Stolen?

My iPad Air 2 (iOS 10) (no cellular) got stolen. Now I am afraid of my data. The iPad had a 4 digit lock pin assigned. I use the find my iPhone feature also for the iPad and I set it’s status “lost”. The iPad seems to be offline for several days now. Would you recommend to send the wipe command? I guess that this will only become active if the correct passcode is entered and the iPad can connect to an open WLAN. If the penetrator is quick enough he can prevent this by disabling WLAN. What about jailbreak, does this require an initialisation of the memory, so that all data becomes inaccessible which had been stored on it before?

Your ideas are highly appreciated.


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    3 years ago

    It is up to you whether you want to send the wipe command. If you think there is no hope of every recovering it, and you have no data on it anyway that you don’t have anywhere else, then what is the harm? I would do it.

    It would wipe if the iPad connected to Wi-Fi. It doesn’t need to have the passcode entered as of course whomever stole it wouldn’t know the passcode.

    But chances are good that by now they have already wiped the iPad, or resold it for parts or some such. So a wipe command may not help. But on the off-chance that they will try to break in or you have a very weak passcode (1111, 1234, etc) it is worth doing.

    To jailbreak it, they would need to gain access or wipe it, so I wouldn’t worry about that.

    Here’s what I would do if this were mine. I would issue the “Erase” command. Then I would change all of my passwords to everything. It is a good idea to do this once or twice a year anyway, so consider this one of those times.

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