Forum Question: What can I use for control remote macbook?

Hi, Gary. I have a problem. My brother and I have a Macbook. I have some IT knowledge (enough for my own Macbook) but my brother (who lives in Miami (I live in Toronto, Canada) does not nothing about IT. Yesterday he called me because his macbook is so slow and is having some problem. I tried to do something on the phone but my brother could not follow me. So, I told him to wait until I could find some of those software which allow one computer to connect to another computer remotely, but I do not know what I can use for that. So, do you know how I can get into my brother’s macbook remotely (me here in Toronto and my brother’s macbook in Miami) and try to fix my brother’s macbook? is Apple Remote Desktop good for that? any free app. to do that?? Thank you!!

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    12/24/10 @ 8:09 am

    You don’t need anything to do that — it is already built into Mac OS X. It is called screen sharing. See episode 77:
    The trick will be to turn screen sharing on for your brother’s computer, and then have him figure out his IP address so you can connect to it. It needs to be connected directly to the Internet (own the IP address, not be on a local IP address inside the local network).

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