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Hello Gary, I recently installed Mac OS X Lion and just bought a HD to backup my stuff. When I plug it to the Mac, it asks if I wanna use it as Time Machine, should I do it and follow the steps after, doest it save all my things, including my documents, photos, music and applications?
And I also wanted to “format” the computer to make it like I just got a new macbook with lion already installed, how do I format it?
George Gergi

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    8/23/11 @ 7:02 pm

    Yes. Do it. It will back up your entire hard drive. You’ll have a backup of every file, and multiple backups in time for many of your files as well — you can find one you accidentally deleted a few days ago, or restore a file you changed, etc.
    Do NOT try to reformat your drive. That’s usually called a clean install. Unless you have a serious problem and need to do a clean install to fix the issue, you shouldn’t do that. It will mean a lot of work restoring your files, re-installing applications and getting your settings back to where you want them.

    George Gergi
    8/23/11 @ 7:07 pm

    Thanks for the fast reply.
    So I’ll just go to the preferences and click on time machine, right?

    I wanted a clean install, because the mac is taking a lot of time to start, and it happened after I installed Lion, not quite sure about the problem..

      8/23/11 @ 7:12 pm

      Yes. Go to Time Machine in Preferences. That will get you started.
      I’d search for the reason behind the long startups — attached peripherals, third-party software, etc.

        George Gergi
        8/23/11 @ 7:13 pm

        Okay. thank you so much :)

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