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What Do You Suggest for Adding Assignments To IBooks Textbooks?

I’m creating iBooks textbooks for a class I teach. I know this is not its intended use, but I want to incorporate assignments beyond the multiple choice quizzes built into iBooks Author. I want to have questions that student type out full answers to. I imported a Pages documents with questions and spaces for answers, but when viewing on iPad, typing is not allowed. I was hoping to avoid linking to an outside document, but there’s also the issue of how students would “hand in” their work once completed. Can you think of a way to do this, or am I taking this too far?

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    12 years ago

    That's outside of the capability of iBooks. Think of a printed textbook. Would you have the students write in blank pages in a printed textbook? Probably not. So do what you would do if it where a printed textbook? I'm not a teacher, but I remember having essay questions that I wrote on a separate sheet of paper (or computer document) and handed that in. So I'd imagine you'd do the same in this case.

    12 years ago

    We're trying to go paperless if possible. As an alternative I looked at using Pages for assignments. My first thought was to create a template with questions and spaces for students to type in answers, but the questions can still be edited/deleted by students. Is there a way around that?

    My next challenge is transferring. If I put all the iPads on one iCloud account, I can send assignments to multiple students at once. The problem is that when they submit completed assignments, it would go to all the other students, not just me. Is there a way around this?

    I watched your tutorial on and am thinking this might be the best way for students to submit work to me only. Am I understanding correctly that if they send me a link to their iWork document that I can use the note feature to point out errors and send it back to them for review?

      12 years ago

      I wouldn't try to put everyone on one iWork account. I would just have them email you their assignments when done. You could then mark them up (but not using revisions, just colored text maybe?)
      Or, maybe someone else has come up with an app that allows for this sort of thing.

    11 years ago

    Hi Cameron,

    I'm struggling with the same question. Did you find an answer that worked?

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