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What Does a “This Connection Is Not Private” Error Mean?

A website I’ve used since Jan.2017, now gives me the message:
“This connection is not private. this website maybe impersonating to steal your personal or financial information. You shout go back to previous page.”

When I called the Health Care provider (First Line Medical customer service, they could give me no answers and suggested it was my computer problem?

Any suggestions, ideas, etc. as I need help! Thank you


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    7 years ago

    It is difficult to say why you may be getting this message. It is probably related to the secure certificate issued by that website. Any secure website (https) has such a certificate and it must check out with the authority that issued it. Your browser does all of that behind the scenes.

    This error message means something is wrong with that certificate. But it doesn't mean that it is on the website's end. For instance, the most common reason people see this is the clock on their computer is set wrong. For instance, if your clock is set to Nov 6, 2015 instead of Nov 6, 2017, then the certificate's date range doesn't match. If you search on Google, you see lots of people have exactly this issue.

    If that isn't the case with you, you may want to simply try a restart and see if that helps. If that doesn't help, you may need to seek out an expert for a firsthand look.

    7 years ago

    Thanks for your advice but none of it seemed to help. Will go back to the old "paper & pencil" order form until they fix the certificate.

    7 years ago

    Paulette: It may be that you need to remove the certificate from your Mac or you will not get the correct one from their site. You do that in Keychain Access, but it is not as simple as looking for a certificate there with the name of the site you are using, as the certificate doesn't use that name. That's why I'm suggesting a firsthand look may be needed.

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