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What Formula Do I Use In Numbers To Show My Age When I Run Out Of Money?

What formula do I use in Numbers (using two columns..) to show my “Age” when I run out of “Money”? Column A shows my increasing/decreasing bank account balance each month. Column B shows my age by the month. I have projected, by month, the dollar amount and age thru 100 years old. At the very top of the SS I have a cell that says ” At what age I will run out of money”. What formula do I put next to that cell to show when that will be true?
Thank you… Doug
Doug Brandt

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    2 years ago

    So what you are looking for is when the cell in column A is 0 or less than 0, is that right? You want the value of the cell in B when that happens, right?

    If that is the case, then LOOKUP is the function you want. Simply using this will do it:

    LOOKUP(0, A, B)

    That’s where A is a reference to column A of that table and B is a reference to column B. This will look for the value 0 in column A and then return the corresponding value in the cell in column B.

    The way LOOKUP works, it will give you the first value that is 0, or less than 0.

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