Forum Question: What happened to (a compatible w/Mac) to play games?

Where or what happened to the aol site “” that was good for interactive card games? It was fine yesterday and gone…. today? Any other Mac interactive card game sites?

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    3/15/11 @ 6:45 am

    Seems to be working fine. Perhaps just a temporary outage? Or an issue at your end?
    Most game sites work on Macs just as well as they work on Windows. That’s because most web-based games are built using Flash, which is cross-platform. They even work on Linux.
    If you like games, you may want to try CleverMedia’s games (same company as MacMost) — And if you like card games, check out

    12/14/11 @ 6:54 am

    There are lots of games for Mac are available online which you can download and enjoy playing it. You can download games in various categories such as arcade, action, adventure, strategy,etc.

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