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What Is a Good Robocall Blocker To Use?

Looking for a free robocalled blocker that works with apple
Louise Schlosser

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    2 years ago

    There’s no such thing as a call blocker app that “works with Apple.” Why? Because of security. Apps can’t interfere with basic functionality on your phone like phone calls. If they could, then developers would be able to do all sorts of nasty things. Apple wants to avoid that.

    So if your goal here is to get fewer spam phone calls on your iPhone, then there are several things you can do. First, if you are in the USA, then go to to get your number on the no-call list. This will stop some legitimate companies from calling you. If not in the USA, then find out the equivalent in your country.

    Next, you may want to go to your mobile phone provider’s web site or call them and ask them what options they have. They are the ones that provide you with phone service, not Apple. So they would be the ones to offer things that reduce the number of unwanted calls. They may have one or more services that do various things.

    Of course you can block numbers on your iPhone, but if you are just getting lots of calls from random numbers, then blocking won’t help. Definitely stop answering your phone from numbers you don’t recognize. Just picking up will send a signal that they should call you more.

    Another good idea is to go to Settings, Do Not Disturb and turn it on without a schedule. Then Use Allow Calls From and select All Contacts to allow your phone to ring for anyone in your contacts. All others will be silent and you can ignore them.

    You could always go to the extreme of changing your number. Well, it isn’t so extreme. But it is a gamble as you could just end up with a number that gets just as many spam calls.

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