Forum Question: What is current wait time on the 4s?

I hesitated and didn’t preorder. I now have to get a new phone and it’s rediculus to buy anything else. The 1st ones are now due to deliver, but what about new orders? How long is the wait list now?
John Lynch

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    10/13/11 @ 7:57 am

    To find out the current wait time, simply start an order.
    Go to the Apple Store online. Then select the iPhone 4S. Click the Preorder button.
    Then choose your model and carrier.
    Look over on the right and you’ll then see shipping times.
    For me, right this minute, it shows 1-2 weeks.
    But for you, it might show something different depending on the options you choose and the time you try it (later today, tomorrow, etc).

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