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What Is Nsurlsessiond and Why Is It Chewing Up CPU and Slowing My iMac?

I have a 2015 iMac running very slowly. Activity monitor show nsurlsessiond alway hogging cpu and memory. I reinstalled Catalina, quit nsurlsessiond multiple times but it just keeps restarting. Tried turning off various sync function but nothing works. Any thoughts?

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    3 years ago

    Anything using iCloud will use Nsurlsessiond to sync data. Could be iCloud Drive files uploading or downloading, Photos library, Music, or any app, including third-party ones, that use iCloud and have lots of data to sync.

    By reinstalling Catalina, forcing Nsurlsessiond to quit and turning on and off various function, you may be making things worse as you are e forcing whatever is syncing to start over.

    You can check in the Photos app to see how syncing is going there, all the way at the bottom of the All Photos list. For iCloud Drive, look at the Status Bar at the bottom of a Finder window with iCloud Drive showing. Are either of these not completely synced? Then you have your answer.

    Also, are you leaving your Mac on at night, or shutting it down. If you shut it down, you aren't giving it a chance to catch up with syncing but instead forcing it to do so while you are working during the day. Let it sleep, don't shut it down.

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