Forum Question: What is proper way to upgrade programs?

Pardon my ignorance but in Windows sometimes the old program had to be deleted and sometimes the new version would overwrite the old. I’m talking about 3rd party add ons.

What’s the right way to upgrade Mac OSX 3rd party apps?

Delete the old first?

Or do both versions co-exist?

— Bruce

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    7/7/10 @ 9:42 pm

    It depends on the application. Many Mac applications have an update function built in. Run the application and see if there is a “check for updates” option or something similar. If so, then simply use that and the application will update itself.
    Other times you will be asked to download a whole new version of the application. Simply replace the old one with the new in the Applications folder.
    But when in doubt, go to the developers Web site and look for their update instructions. Almost always they will provide a “how to upgrade” instruction if it isn’t obvious.

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