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What Is the Best Photo Resolution Size for Keynote?

I am creating a Keynote presentation and are sizing the image at 1280-720. However, is there a suggested resolution size (300/150/etc.) for the images? Thanks.
Bernie Saunders

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    7 years ago

    So “300” and “150” usually apply to DPI — dots per inch. DPI has mostly to do with printed digital images. Like you would have a printer that prints at 600 DPI. It can also have to do with screens, such as a 72 or 96 DPI computer screen, though today’s screens can get past 100 or 200 DPI, even close to 300 when thinking of the Retina displays.
    But for using images in Keynote, you wouldn’t think in those terms. That’s because the image would be scaled to fit the slide, or the portion of the slide. Once you start adjusting the scale of the image, dots per inch doesn’t make sense anymore.
    Instead just think of the size of the image and the resolution of the screen. For instance, if you are making a Keynote presentation at 1280×720 screen resolution for presentation on a 1280×720 (aka 720p) screen, then any image larger than 1280×720 will be fine. If the image is smaller, say 640×480, then it will look a little pixelated. That’s bad, unless it is the image you need to use and that is the only version you have — then you have to use it anyway I guess.
    For the most part, you don’t need to worry about this at all. Most photos will be larger than screen resolutions. For instance, a photo taken with an iPhone 5 would typically be 2816×2112 — which is much higher than the 1280×720 needed for a typical HD projector, or even a 1920×1080 HD projector. The same with clipart or stock images. They will usually be larger.
    Instead of worrying about the numbers, I would just use the images and judge for yourself whether the image looks good or not. One 640×480 image might look fine stretched to the slide size, while another may look bad. And if the image is larger than 1280×720, don’t worry about shrinking it as there really isn’t a need.
    But if you really want to be precise, then make the image the exact size you need. So a 1280×720 presentation would use a 1280×720 image if it was to cover the whole slide. An 800×600 presentation would use an 800×600 image if it was to cover the whole slide.

      Bernie Saunders
      7 years ago

      Thanks much Gary. Very helpful as usual. Bernie

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