Forum Question: Best way to open PDF files on a MAC for Free

What is the best way to open and edit PDF file on a MAC? for FREE if possible
Byron Robinson

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    9/2/11 @ 10:59 am

    Depends on what you mean by edit. You can do some things in Preview, like annotate a PDF. Or, you can copy and paste pages from a PDF into a new document.
    If you are creating the document, you can create it in almost anything (TextEdit, Pages, Word, whatever you have) and then export or “print” it as a PDF.
    But as for taking an existing PDF document and changing it, like editing text and such, it gets more complex. Some PDFs are locked and can’t be edited. Others you can alter with a program like PDFPen (not free). And there is always Adobe’s Acrobat tool, the mother of all PDF tools (not free either).

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