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What Is the Correct Use Of Safari Random Passwords Generator?

Hi Gary, my Question is regarding to this Video Episode ( Keep Your Online Accounts Secure Using Safari Passwords )

Do you recommend to use the Random Password Creator of Safari also for use it in email accounts, icloud Password, I mean the most important ones ? Because as you mention in past videos sometimes I use the same Password for different Websites.

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    2 years ago

    You should never use the same password for different sites. What happens then is if one company has a data breach, and passwords are leaked, then the other sites where you use that password are now in danger. Malicious entities will take your ID and password from that one data breach and try them on lots of other sites because they know people reuse the same passwords.

    So you want every password on every site to be unique. Using password manager makes that easy to do.

    So every time you set up a new site and use Safari or any third-part password manager, you want to generate a new unique strong random password for that site. And when you change a password, change it to a brand new unique password too. Never reuse passwords.

    2 years ago

    Ok Thank you Gary ! So for email accounts and iCloud you recommend this use also ?

    2 years ago

    Mauricio: If you mean using unique passwords for iCloud and email accounts, then definitely yes. Those are probably your most important accounts. They should certainly have unique passwords like everywhere else.

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