Forum Question: What is the correct way to convert to dvd?

I have a Panasonic hmc150 hd camera i load the footage into imovie11
and edit and it plays great. I now want to make a dvd of this footage.I don’t know what format i should use in mpeg streamclip and when it’s converted to a .mov file the idvd won’t let me import the video the file is gray and wont let me choose the file.
So What is the best way to convert the footage and make a dvd with the best quality?
Peter Lelievre

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    3/14/11 @ 12:38 pm

    You wouldn’t use MPEG Streamclip in the process. If you have the video in iMovie 11, then use Share, iDVD for a quick way to send the video to a DVD.
    You can also use Share, Export Movie. Then take the resulting file and use that in iDVD. See episode 514:

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