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What Is the Difference Between Title, Description and Keywords In Photos?

The title is shown above a photo, but what is Description? I guess Keywords is to make a photo searchable?
What are your thoughts of when to use what?
Morten dk

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    2 years ago

    The title appears under each photo and can also sometimes be used in printing and other functions. Descriptions are longer and you can use them for details. Keywords can be used for multiple photos to “tag” them for easy searching. I have a good tutorial on using keywords at Using Keywords In Photos. They are a very useful tool and a good alternative to using albums. Though many people (myself included) use both. All three add data to the photo that can be used in searching.

    Like a lot of things in Photos and other apps, these are tools for you to use as you like. Some people never use any of them. Others may just use keywords and never the other two. Some people enjoy putting detailed titles and descriptions for each photo. It is up to you decide how to use each one.

    Morten dk
    2 years ago

    Thank you very much for the reply.
    I couldn’t see the title anywhere except above the photo when opened. I found out I had to go to View -> Metadata -> Title, to turn the titles on. Now it’s also below the thumbnails. The Descriptions are not visible anywhere except in the Info, is that correct? And Title, Description and Keywords all seem to be searchable. I will definitely watch your tutorial when time permits. Thanks again.

    2 years ago

    Morten: I think that is the only normal place where descriptions appear, yes. But they become part of the photo’s data, so they may show up in some other places, like third-party extensions and such. I know you can see them when writing Automator and AppleScript/JXA actions and such.

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