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What Is the Font That Was Used In the Presentation?

Hello, Gary Rozenzweig,
Thank you very much for your response.
Yes, I should be more specific and clear; please, apologize me for that.
By FONT LETTER, I mean, in fact, the font that was used in the presentation of the Apple Special Event at Lane Tech College Prep High School, Chicago, last Tuesday.
Thanks, again.
Best and Regards from
José Augusto Macedo do Couto
José Augusto Macedo do Couto

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    6 years ago

    Do you mean the script/handwriting-sytle font used to spell out "Apple Special Event" at the start, and also some of the title slides throughout the rest of the presentation?

    I have no idea. It isn't one of the default fonts that comes with your Mac. So they either grabbed a special font from some collection (there are probably a million fonts at this point) or they created one themselves. I'm sure Apple has the resources to create a new font on the fly very easily.

    Another possibility is that it isn't a font at all, but a graphic created especially for the presentation. But whether it is drawn or from a special font they built for this, the result is the same for us as we won't be able to get it.

    I'll post this question on the forum, though, in hopes that someone else may by chance know the answer.

    José Couto
    6 years ago

    Hello, Gary Rosenzweig,
    Thank you (again) for your answer.
    Yes, I mean that "script/handwriting-sytle font" used on the title slides of the entire presentation.
    In fact, I've checked all the default fonts that comes with my Mac, and, there is not such font letter.
    José Augusto Macedo do Couto

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