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What Is the Impact Of Continuous Personal Hotspot Use On the Phone?

How good or bad is it if I keep the personal hotspot of my  iPhone 12 Pro Max “on” all the time or at least for long durations of time say more than 2 hours continuously. I assume it will drain out the battery faster and make the iPhone hot etc. How will that affect the phone long term?

But if I keep the phone plugged in to power during the entire duration (notwithstanding the inconveniences with phone/call handling), would that be ok?
(That was just keeping the hotspot on or discoverable as it shows on control center).

How would it affect if I also got my MacBook Pro M1 to connect to the hotspot and running for several hours?
or even my work laptop (win) during weekdays connected to the hotspot?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

I have ≈800 GB data available from my service provider and well, would be good to not let that go to waste

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    3 years ago

    I would think the major impact would be in bandwidth cost. I think all plans that include hotspot use also have a bandwidth limit. If you go past your limit you'd either pay extra or see reduced speeds, right? So that could be a problem. You say you have an 800GB plan? I've never heard of that. What carrier offers that? At what speed?

    Otherwise, if you have the phone plugged in then it wouldn't affect the battery. I don't think it would create that much heat to be an issue. But you can test that for yourself. Does the phone seem overly hot? Plugged in, if it is charging at the same time then the heat of charging is probably the bigger factor. But you have to charge it up either way.

    I don't see why having an M1 Mac, an older Mac, or any device would make any difference at all to any of this. It is just Internet traffic. The hotspot function doesn't care what the other devices are or what the data it is transmitting contain.

    You also know that you can plug your iPhone into your Mac and then the Internet connection is wired, right? So if you have it plugged in to your Mac instead of to another power source, you are getting the connection over the cable, not Wi-Fi. See

    3 years ago

    Oh this is service provider in India called Airtel. I'm on a plan that provides 100 GB of 4G internet per month which has got accumulated over several months now!!

    3 years ago

    Ravi: 4G though. Is that even close to your Wi-Fi speed?

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