Forum Question: What is the iPhone SDK Like?

I was just wondering how realistic the Phone SDK is…
Stuff like…
1. To type, do you have to type on the keyboard or do you have to click?
2. How do you rotate it?
3. Can it sync with iTunes?
4. Does it work with the App Store?
5. Does it come with the basic Apps? (Safari, Mail, etc.)
I don’t expect all of these answered, but I would like a couple answered!

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    2/18/10 @ 7:03 am

    You should try downloading it yourself to see. You are talking about the iPhone emulator that is part of the SDK, not the SDK itself. You can type on the Mac keyboard, yes. There is a menu command to rotate. It doesn’t sync with iTunes and there is no way to access the App store. It comes with Safari for Web developers to be able to test Web applications. But not much else. It is really built for testing out the apps that you create. Sign up as a developer and try it yourself.

    2/18/10 @ 9:17 am

    Thanks, Gary!

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