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What Is the Meaning Of the Different Numbers In Bubbles Attached To Dock Icons?

I am wondering why the Chrome icon in the dock has a number in a white circle with a blue ring.
Also my Calendar icon has a number in a red circle … which I know is Siri suggestion, but how do I find what the Siri suggestions are?

I want to know what the numbers mean so that I can look at what they are alerting me to and address whatever that is

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    2 years ago

    That's the badge. It is usually showing you that there are some amount of notifications waiting for you from that app. But the app developer can do different things with them.

    For instance, in Calendar it probably means you have some notifications waiting for your approval, such as an event added to a shared calendar, or a suggestion for an event that appeared in an email. In Calendar, you can go to View, Show Notifications and you'll see those in the sidebar. In Messages it could be the number of unread messages like in Mail.

    Chrome is probably telling you the number of website notifications you have, though I'm not sure. Different apps treat this in different ways.

    If you go into System Preferences, Notifications & Focus and select the app from the list, you can usually turn on or off "Badge app icon" if you'd rather this badge not be displayed in the Dock.

    2 years ago

    Thanks for that explanation. I was able to return to my Calendar and work out that it wanted to add some dates it found in emails, while Chrome had a download on pause. Thanks again for the clear explanation

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