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What Is the Most Efficient Way To Move Local Photos Albums To iCloud Storage?

I have a number of local Photos albums in my iMac Home folder. What I want to do is move some of these local albums back to Photos iCloud so all my iOS devices can access them. My thinking is to create empty albums in the Photos app then copy the contents of the local albums across to these new albums. I’m probably being dumb as usual, but is this really the quickest and simplest way to accomplish the task?
Charles Bake

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    2 years ago

    By " Photos albums in my iMac" do you mean folders of files in the Finder? I'll assume that is what you mean.

    You could do what you suggest: create albums and drag and drop the files into those.

    But it is probably better to use File, Import. Then select the folders. It will allow you to review them before import, and there is an option to "Keep Folder Organization" which will put photos in albums based on the folders they are coming from. The review screen will even show you if some of the photos are already in your library so you can avoid duplicates.

    Charles Bake
    2 years ago

    Hi Gary, yes, you were correct in your thinking about the Finder folders. I must admit I hadn’t thought of File, Import, though it really should’ve been an obvious choice for me. I’ll give it a go later this afternoon. Thank you for your expert help. Have a great day, Charles

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