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What Is the “On My Mac” Folder?

I recently purchased new Macbook pro, and I am all new to Apple products now and I am very satisfied with everything. Now I have a question about one folder in Finder which I dont know what is it for. Its called “on my mac”. I can choose whether it will or will not be shown on the side bar, but I cant create new folder in it, cant create or save document in it. Its empty and i dont really see its purpose? On iPhone there is similar folder called “on my iPhone” but there are folders stored on the phone.
Another question is about Documents folder which I can see listed only under the iCloud folders, theres no option to see it under favourites folder on the sidebar.

Im trying to understand what every folder means on Mac, and to have things stored only on Mac, not on icloud also.

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    2 years ago

    The Finder sidebar item "On My Mac" is a place where you can view the containers used by various apps. Some apps like to store files in special containers instead of just anywhere on your Mac. Many apps offer either option. This is just a convenient way to see those files in those containers.

    Which folders do you see in there? If none, then you just don't have any apps storing files or data that way. I only have two apps using this, and they are not common apps or ones I use a lot. So I don't even bother to have this showing.

    If you want to see the iCloud Documents folder under Favorites, you can. Just drag it up there.

    2 years ago

    Yeah my mac folder is empty, but i have only few apps for now i just started using it. It was confusing for me what it is, but i got it now.
    And this with “documents” folder worked cool i dragged it under favourites now its there.
    Thanks really for fast answer.

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