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What Is the Simple Way To Convert MSG To VCF ?

I am so worried about how to safely convert MSG to VCF format. I didn’t get the simple method of conversion, So please suggest me the simple way of conversion tool of MSG to VCF files.

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    4 years ago

    So MSG files appear to be a variety of things, all coming from Microsoft Office, and perhaps older versions of Office too, as I don't see much talk about it recently. But since you want to convert to VCF, I assume you mean contacts files, not email messages or other things that MSG files seem to be able to contain too. For the most part, they seem to be email messages, so converting them to a contact is not possible.

    Are you using Outlook now? Can you simply export from Outlook in another format? Or are these stand-alone MSG files from something from somewhere else or long ago?

    How many are we talking about? Do you have an alternative? For instance, if there are less than 100 contacts and you can see them but for some reason not export them, then maybe you can manually add them to Contacts in less time than trying various odd third-party solutions. You should also be able to open them in a text editor and copy and paste bits of text which could help.

    Maybe take a step back and explain what is going on here with more details and I'll see a better solution.

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