Forum Question: What Mouse Will Work Well With MacBook Air 2012?

Hi, what other mouse will work well with MacBook Air 2012 besides the Magic one by Apple? The magic one is way too expensive!!!

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    9/16/12 @ 9:24 am

    Almost any modern mouse will work with a new MacBook Air. But as for how well it works, that is subjective.
    First, I would avoid any wireless mouse that uses a USB dongle to communicate. These are for PCs that don’t have any Bluetooth wireless connections. It will be a pain to always have that connected to your Mac, and they may not work because they are designed for PCs, more or less.
    So get a wireless one that says it works with Mac though Bluetooth. Or, get any USB wired one if you are looking to save money — that’s probably the main difference between the expensive ones and the cheap ones. And any USB wired mouse should work with your Mac.
    But of course the thing you cannot get with a non-Magic Mouse is the gestures. The smooth touch surface of the Magic Mouse lets you use gestures for scrolling and other things. You won’t get that with a third-party mouse.
    Of course you DO get that, and more, with the trackpad that is built into your MacBook Air. So if this is a case of just not being used to using the trackpad, I would urge you to give it a few weeks. For one, it is you cheapest option — you already have it. Second, you have the full functionality of gestures with the trackpad. Even the Magic Mouse doesn’t have all the gestures. Third, it will be best to get used to trackpads as that is the future: Many people are opting for trackpads even with desktops now, and even the PC makers are starting to push them. In a few years, it might be all trackpads, and mice will be rare.

    9/16/12 @ 7:20 pm

    When I first got my MacBook Pro I made the decision to give the trackpad a week to see if I’d get used to it. I got to love it with its gestures so muchI ended up buying a bluetooth one to go with my iMac. I do however plug in an old usb marble mouse when I am gaming. That is about the only time I miss having a mouse.

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