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What Program Can I Use To Fill My iPod That Will Work With an Old OS?

Apple recently did that recall on the first gen iPod nano. I sent mine in and they sent me back a Nano touch instead.  So I think “Cool, free upgrade…I’m ok with this.”  But here’s my dilemma…. I plugged my new iPod into my Mac and I get a message that says “this version of iPod needs a newer version of iTunes”. Problem being…my Mac is at least 5 or 6 years old …I literally CAN’T get a newer version of iTunes. I’m working with OS 10.4 and no newer version is compatible with my OS. 
I looked online to see what other option I have to fill my iPod. But every option/program I found either
A)  Was only for windows
B)  Needed a newer OS
Does anyone know what I can use?  I’d rather not have to buy a new computer just to fill my iPod @_@

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    12 years ago

    If your Mac is 5 or 6 years old, it should probably work with Leopard (10.5). So one option is to simply upgrade to that. Then upgrade iTunes.
    Not sure what other options you have. You could just use the iPod as a stand-along device, but getting your music to it will be a problem.
    How about selling it on eBay and then using the money to buy an older iPod Nano that is compatible with Tiger?

    12 years ago

    Sadly i dont have the money to upgrade (heck, it would most likely be a waste of money on this old machine haha).

    i was more thinking of a random program i could use? i've heard of things like songbird or Winamp (tho from my searching, i couldn't find a version that's compatible with my old OS)

    the selling of the new one might be an option...tho a bit of a hassle

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