Forum Question: What should I do with my iPod Touch first generation?

I emailed Steve Jobs and asked if there would be a trade in credit when the 4th gen iPod touch comes out. No response yet. I expect that to have a front and rear facing camera.

But what can I do with my 1st gen Touch? The iOS 4 is not compatible and I’m worried about what will happen if I install new app updates. Is the iTunes and the app store smart enough so that it doesn’t install an incompatible app on my devices?

And why do I have to wait so long for iOS 4 on this iPad?

— G Tyler

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    6/24/10 @ 5:10 pm

    Send it into for cash (“MacMost” code for a 5% bonus)! :)
    OK, to answer your questions: There definitely won’t be any trade-in credit. Apple never does that. Neither does anyone else.
    You should be OK for apps. iTunes should be smart enough to not try to put incompatible apps on your Touch. But it would be up to the app developers to continue to support it.
    My guess is that Apple wants to make sure iOS works perfectly on the iPad before deploying it. There are a lot of subtle differences in how menus work and other things.

    G Tyler
    6/25/10 @ 8:24 pm

    This sounds pretty good.
    I guess the recycling program doesn’t really count as trade in program
    But you do get 10% off. Hmm that’s the same as the EPP discount from my company.

    I guess I’ll keep it around for scrabble tile

    Hope I don’t need to wait too long for v4 on my iPad.
    I almost don’t want anymore apps until I can organize them in folders.

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