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What To Do With the New Folder “RELOCATED ITEMS” After Upgrading To Catalina?

What should I do with the new folder called RELOCATED ITEMS, that appeared after upgrading my Mac to Catalina? After the update the Mac to Catalina, I have a new RELOCATED ITEMS folder on my desktop. Didn’t understand whether to delete it or move it somewhere else? It has two folders: Configuration and Security. Both of these folders have subfolders in this order: Configuration-Private-Var-db-dslocal-nodes-Default ; Security-System-Library DirectoryServices-DefaultLocalDB-Default. The last folders in both are Default with a red mark. 


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    1 month ago

    If you look closely, you’ll see that the folder on the Desktop is actually a shortcut (alias) to the actual folder which is usually located in Shared. So if you get rid of the folder on the Desktop, you are just getting rid of that alias and not deleting anything. That makes it easier to just remove that alias and move on.

    Typically, this folder contains parts of apps you may have installed in the past that put things in the system folder that aren’t allowed there anymore. So they are pretty useless. Those apps probably updated long ago to not need them anymore, or maybe you uninstalled the apps and it lets those behind.

    They are usually very small. Not counting the PDF called “What Are Relocated Items?” that Apple puts in there, the whole thing is just a few K, like a speck of dust in a box.

    I honestly don’t think a typical Mac user needs to do anything with these. Leave them or delete them, it doesn’t matter.

    1 month ago

    Also notice that the Security folder will also contain all files that you might have stored outside your user’s folder. In my case, I had many folders such as /myFolder that have now been automatically moved to this new undocumented folder “for security reasons”. Doing some research, I found that Catalina blocks write access to the system disk by means of a sort of “hidden” administrative user that can write there, but not you… so, please note that “Relocated Items” might also contain data!

    4 weeks ago

    “might also contain data” yea like every fccking file I’ve had on a mac hard drive for 15 years.
    catalina was a * update.

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