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What To Do With Unknown Source Apps On My MacBook Pro?

Found unknown source (not from Apple or identified developers) apps that look suspicious

Hi, when I look at my Macbook Pro’s system information and then, software, apps. I see a bunch of (under the “obtained from” column) source “UNKNOWN” apps. Almost all my apps are from Apple or “Identified developer” but there are a few unknowns. And what is more I see a few were downloaded in the last few days and I didn’t load any new software.
What is your advice on what to do with these apps (from unknown)?? I recognise a few like Canon for my printer but about 1/2 are weird.
looking forward to your reply

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    3 years ago

    Unless you are a macOS system expert, you aren't going to recognize a lot of things in that list. So I wouldn't worry about that, or what looks "weird" to you, as these aren't things you should recognize.

    Looking it it now on my Mac, there are a lot of system functions there that are definitely part of macOS, but "Obtained From" just shows "Unknown." That's probably because they aren't downloaded separated from macOS, but are part of the system. Or some other app, but they just didn't come directly from the App Store so that information isn't there.

    If you select any one of those, you should see a Location at the bottom. That gives you some idea of what the app really is. For instance, I see a lot of things for me in folders in Developer/CoreSimulator which tells me they are files having to do With iOS simulators as part of Xcode. The reason some of them have very recent dates is probably because they are part of the system and I imagine you updated to Monterey recently.

    The vast majority of Mac users never look at this list. There's really no need to.

    As for your question, the answer is: nothing. Don't do anything with these apps. They are probably part of the system or other apps you have installed.

    3 years ago

    Thank you very much for your reply, much appreciated

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