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What To Use for a Two Monitor Setup Hardware?

Using a 2021 MacBook pro w/M1 Max Chip what is the best interface to deal with 2 1080 Monitors – mostly for CAD work?

looking for the best hardware approach to feed the two monitors.
Dan McK

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    2 years ago

    Not sure what you are looking for in terms of "hardware." There is nothing special you need. I assume the screens use DisplayPort, right? Just get a DispplayPort cable, USB-C at one end, then either DisplayPort or Mini DisplayPort at the other end, depending on what those screens have.

    So no hardware needed. Just cables. The screens may have even already come with the right cables.

    One note: Are these really 1080 screens? That's pretty low-resolution by today's standards. I would look into getting 4K screens. Then you get 1080 but with 4x the pixels making text much more readable and images higher resolution. That's similar to what you are getting on your new MacBook's screen.

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