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What Two Factor Authenticator Is Best for iPhone 10?

I have been using LastPass as well as the LastPass Authenticator for several years. I continually have issues after a period of time, and now, once again, it does not recognize my LP email (ID) as a verified account. I have not changed that in several years. Twice I have had to disable the authenticator, and reinstall the app and reset up (to no avail after a period of time has passed.) Is there another 2FA you might recommend? Thanks.
Tricia F

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    2 years ago

    I'm not familiar with the LastPass Authenticator, just their password manager tool. What do you use it for? You can't use it for things like iCloud, so I imagine things like Google accounts? What else?

    For Google, I just use their own authenticator app and have never had a problem. I've used Authy too, since there is no Google Authenticator for Mac.

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