Forum Question: What Would You Recommend for a Remote Desktop?

I am currently using GOTOMYPC and pay 20.00 a month. I am looking for something that will either be cheaper or a one time cost. I would like something that I can connect to my Mac mini from my MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and pc.

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    10/30/11 @ 8:18 am

    Why use an service? You can just use Screen Sharing that is built into your Mac. The main thing that a service gets you is the ability to “find” your Mac mini if you don’t know its IP address, or haven’t configured your home router to give the Mac mini a static local IP address to forward the screen sharing port to.
    But you can do both of those things pretty easily with “Back to My Mac” which is part of MobileMe and is now part of free iCloud.
    Then on the iOS side of things you need a client to connect to it. There are tons of cheap clients (I use iTap VNC, but there are others). Just search for “Screen Sharing” or “VNC” in the iOS App store. You can also use a standard VNC client on a PC to do this.
    See episodes:

      10/30/11 @ 11:31 am

      I have tried Screen Sharing my issue I believe is that the computer that I am wanting to connect to is at my office located miles away. So I have two different networks. Home and Work.

        10/30/11 @ 11:40 am

        That shouldn’t make a difference. I connect to my home computer while traveling, even half-way around the world. The speed of your connection is an issue, but it is the same issue with any service like the one you are currently using.

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