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Whats the Best App for Importing, Organising Photos and Videos?

Hi! am using OS SIERRA, and wanted to know which is the best app that would allow me to first import photos and videos from my phone to my mac, and then organise those in an app thats saved in an external hard drive. Am using mac retina 12! and i only have a port for connecting one usb. Can you suggest me any tips? have around 30gb of photos!! and don’t want my mac to get full with that, so any tips on organising in an external hardrive and which app to use?? Thanks in advance!

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    7 years ago

    Use the Photos app that comes with your Mac. It does exactly what you are asking for.
    30GB isn't that much for photos. I have 2 or 3 times that. If you have a lots of videos and you want to save space, you may want to leave the videos out and put them in a folder somewhere. It depends on how much you like to combine photos and videos and other personal factors. I wouldn't put your entire library on an external drive unless you plan on always having the drive connection, which sort of defeats the purpose of having a MacBook.
    Also, consider using iCloud Photo Library. With 30GB of photos you will have to pay a small monthly amount for storage, but it is worth it so you have have all of your photos available all of the time, especially if your phone is an iPhone.
    If you aren't going to have iCloud Photo Library, or even if you are, make sure you are using Time Machine to back up your Mac.

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