Forum Question: What’s the Best Way To Compare Specs From Different Mac Pros?

We have 6 Mac Pros, all have the same amount of RAM and the same processor speed. We’ve noticed when we set up all Machines to render video for a project, (we store asset files locally on each Machine) one particular Machine is twice as fast as the 5 others. A closer look into Activity Monitor appears to show all systems are running about the same, in regards to active processes. Any other places to compare what’s going on?
Joe Walsh

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    1/12/12 @ 10:23 am

    Go to the Apple menu, About This Mac and then click the More Information button. (I assume you are using Lion, the button is a little different on Snow Leopard).
    Lots of info to compare there.
    With processor and memory the same, perhaps the disk drive speed is the difference? Or amount of free drive space?
    Could also be that background processes running (spotlight indexing, Time Machine backups, etc) could be slowing down some of the machines. But then it would be a one-time thing, not something that happens consistently.
    Also, compare video cards.

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