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What’s the Difference Between “New” and “New From Theme Chooser”?

In the Keynote file menu, what’s the difference between “New” and “New From Theme Chooser”? They both bring up the Theme Chooser.

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    11 years ago

    They do both bring up the Theme Chooser, you are right. But they don't have to.
    Go into Keynote, Preferences. Then General preferences. The first choice is "For New Documents." If it is set to "Show Theme Chooser" then File, New will bring up the theme chooser, just like File, New from Theme Chooser.
    But if you set it to "Use theme" and then pick a theme, then File, New will skip the theme chooser and open a new document with that theme.
    So that's the difference. Setting a default theme and using File, New can come in handy for people who's job it is to create presentations. But they probably don't make much of a difference if you only create the occasional presentation.

      11 years ago

      That's good to know. I create presentations weekly, but almost always use the same theme. Thanks for clarification!

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