Forum Question: What’s with the costs on the App store?

We is Apple selling software in the App store much cheaper than the boxed versions? For example Apecture 3 is almost $100 cheaper on the app store than the boxed version being sold online. I like the cheaper price, but what is apple thinking selling the same software at 2 different ranging prices. I understand that the App store is cheaper for Apple because they don’t have the expense of actually making a CD and the cost of packaging but $100 difference?

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    1/7/11 @ 2:45 pm

    My guess is that the retail price simply hasn’t been updated yet. Or, more likely the retail version will be pulled altogether. Aperture is the only case I see of this, though.

    1/8/11 @ 2:26 pm

    I’ve been wondering this myself and almost picked it up (at that bargain price it’s hard not too), but after consulting with an Aperture expert he recommended against it seeing how I’m already using Lightroom 3. He wasn’t indicating Lr3 being better, but was concerned about Library issues and conflicts.

    I have seen some folks suggest it’s possible the version offered on the Mac Store is not upgradable to whatever next version will come out or that it’s a limited time offer on the price. That said, there was nothing I could find in the Mac Store to indicate Aperture wouldn’t be upgradeable.

    Just weird if you ask me….

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