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When I Open Up the Finder, Does It Default To a Certain Directory?


I do a lot of repetitive tasks on a daily basis such as uploading using the Finder…. I keep on uploading from the same directory (Downloads)

Can I expect to return to the last directory opened when I open the Finder?

If so, why does it sometimes default to “Documents-icloud” ? What makes it do it? There is no pattern that I can see, to cause it to open “Documents-icloud” instead of the usual “Downloads” directory.
Ron P

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    3 years ago

    Go to Finder, Preferences, General. There is a setting for New Finder Windows Show. Set it to anything you want.

    Of course you can also place frequently-used folders in the Finder sidebar as well as the Dock to make them easy to access. Or, just never close the Finder window. I have a Finder window always open with 5 tabs to the places I need at all times.

    Ron Phillipchuk
    3 years ago

    Thanks Gary........Good advice as always

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